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Numerous letters answering our appeal for addresses and information have come in. That the 
purpose for which the Bulletins were designed -- to keep Old Boys on active service in touch 
with one another and with the School -- is being achieved , is evident from the words of pr- 
aise contained in the letters already received. Our thanks to those who have written us. 
They may be assured that the feelings are reciprocal upon receiving these letters which 
recall to those of us here at the School equally pleasant memories when they were with us. 
Haec meminisse iuvabit Q 

We regret to report the death on active service overseas of Sgt./P. E.S. McCuaig ('37-'40) . 
Our sympathy is extended to Dave Lorimer's ('39- '43) family. His brother, Robert, was killed 
during the Sicilian campaign in August. 

Congratulations to : Capt. J.H. Patton ('20-'27) and Mrs. Patton for the birth of twins, a 
boy and a girl, on Sept, 5th.. F/0 Geoffrey W.Hess ('27-'32) married to Miss Eleanor Low in 
Mossbank, Saks., on Sept. 11th.. Sub. -Lieut Fred. R. Whittall ('31 -'39) married to Wren 
Marjorie R. Findley in Montreal, on Sept. 21st.. 

Midshipman A.C.Grav ('35-40) arrived in England on Sept. 14th.. He was a member of the 1st. 
class to graduate from H.M.C.S. Royal Reade, B.C.. (Joe Nixon writes that he met a chap who 
was in Grav's class who states that "Knobby was very popular and did well in his courses) . 
E.T. Patton ('38-41) graduated in Sept. at Chatham, N.B.., as an air observer. 
J.L. Hodge ('35-'37) graduated in August as Sub. -Lieut, from H.M.C.S. King's. 
H.Ross Patton ('20-'24) graduated as a Sub. -Lieut, in Sept., after taking a special 
officers' course at H.M.C.S. Cornwallis, 

Lt . E.E.Chambers ('36- '39) was promoted to acting Captain early in Sept.. 

P/0 Hartland Finley ('36- '39), R.C.A.F., Overseas is a member of the Caterpillar and Gold- 
fish clubs, having recently bailed out over the Channel and paddled about in his dinghy for 
an hour before being picked up by a Naval Patrol Boat. 

Trevor Evans ('37- '43), Ted Sheppard ('36- '43), Stocky Day ('37- '42), and Les Davis ('35- 
'42) are all in the R.C.N.V.R. at Montreal. Dick McMaster ('35-41); R.C.A.F., is probably 
at Lachine. George Huggett ('37- '43) and Louis Lemieux ('37- '43) are taking the Army Course 
at Queen's and McGill respectively. Jack Davis ('40-'43) is in the R.A.F. at Toronto. 
Jack Christie ('39- '43) is in the R.C.A.F. at Lachine. David Landry ('35- '40) and Bob 
Powell ('37-'40) are both Pro. Sub.-Lieuts. in the R.C.N.V.R. Pte. Alan H. Finley ('36- 
'43) and Gnr. F.W.Morkill ('35-'43) visited the School in October. They had just finished 
making a military movie for the National Film Board at St. John's, P.Q.. They were both in 
the C.O's. Guards, a picked precision squad. The acting Lance Corporal of the squad is John 
Nicholson ( '37- '39) . 

Capt. W.S.Tyndale ('33-'37) received his captaincy in the 5th. Light A. A. Battery, 2ND. 
Light A. A. Regiment, early in the year. He was with the First Division in Sicily and is 
presumably in Italy with the 8th. Army. 

Pro. Sub. Lieut. Kline MacDonald ('38- '40) is stationed as physical Instructor and Barracks 
Officer at H.M.C.S. Montcalm. 

Chris. Wanklyn ('38-'43) and Robert Hampson ( ' 39- ' 43) are both at H.M.C.S. Royal Roads. Rothschild ('40- '43) and M. I . Horniman ( ' 40- ' 43) both returned to England during the 
summer. George Hurst ('40- '43) is attending the Toronto Conservatory of Music. 
P/0 Guy Drummond ('25-'32) was promoted to Flying Officer late in Sept.. 
P/0 Melville Bell has returned from England. 

Sub. Lieut. Wm.Howe ('34- '39) is engaged to Charlie Kenny's ('32- '40) sister. 
Carleton Cressy ( ) is a Lieut, in U.S.A.A.C.. Ho is stationed in the State of Wash.. 

Our thanks to the following for letters received during the summer, and for the items of 
news : 

Col. C.G.M.Grier; Lt . J. A. B.Nixon ('37-41); F.S.Holley ('35-41); F/0 H .W. Seton (' 37-38 ) ; Lt . 
D.A.Gass ('37-'39); Lt . .H.Bennett ('34-'38); Lt . E.E.Spafford ('33-'39); LAC. C.W.Kenny 

('32-40); Lt. Hugh Mackenzie (' 35- ' 38 ) . 

Joe Nixon's address is: C.A.B.T.C. 41, Huntingdon. P.Q.. While in Toronto, Joe saw Ned 
Fisher ('36-42) who was just completing his course at Camp Borden for his lieut. in the 
armoured corps. Jake Fisher (36-42) and Jerry Hanson ('39-42) were still at Brockville as 
Asst. Instructors. Holley's address is: Pte. F.S.Holley, No. 13121008, CO. A, S.C.S.U. 1146 
A.S.T.U., Univ. of Connecticut, Stors, Conn., U.S.A.. Bill Rowe ('40-42), Alastair Wregg 

('37-'41) ; Derek Atkinson ('37-'39) are all at H.M.C.S. Cornwallis. John Howe('36-'38 Prep) 
was working at St. John, N.B.. Ivan Childs ( ' 40- ' 42 ) has completed one year at Balliol Coll- 
ege, Oxford, in the O.T.C. Tank corps. He has enlisted and is at a Commando training camp. 
Peter Estin ('39- '40) is at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire. P/0 Ted. Hugessen ('33-40) is 
engaged in photo-reconnaissance and is based at Malta where he had a birdseye view of the 
whole Sicilian Campaign. John Holley ('36-42) was at University and expects to leave for the 

army soon. 


F/0 H.W. Seton (' 37-38) , Can. J. 13483, R.C.A.F. Overseas, hopes to be posted very shortly to a 
squadron. Previously, he had taken an operational training course on Hurricanes in Quebec. 
D.A.Gass is in the same regiment as Major G.C.Smith ('18-'20) . They speak of "the fine days 
at B.C.S." and appear to enjoy the Bulletins. Lt . H.H.Bennett, 3rd. Can.Div., Sp.Bn. 

(C.H.of 0.), C.A.C. tells us that Frank Winser ('36-'37) is a medical officer on H.M.S. 
Indomitable, one of the newest and largest Aircraft Carriers. Doug Cowans ('25- '29) who went 
overseas with Bennett, is recovering from an accident sustained in a blackout. Event- 
ually he will go to 1st. Bn. Black Watch, where his brother, Jimmie ('25-'27) is already 
stationed. Bennett has seen Doug, Sewell, Al . Robinson, Egan Chambers, John Kemp and Sid 
Schafran. Schafran and Bennett have been transferred to the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa. 
Col. Grier draws our attention to the fine record of the Patton family where all five sons 
are in the service. Ross is an officer in the Navy; John is a Capt., V.R.C., Sussex, N.B.; 
Billy is a Lt . in the 574th. AAA Battery, U.S. Army, Camp Edwards, Mass; Allan is in the 
R.A. F.Ferry Command, Dorval; Tommy is an Air Observer in the R.C.A.F., Chatham, N.B.. Major 
W.W. "Bill" Ogilvie (14-22) is 2nd. O.C. of Cape Breton Highlanders, Overseas. Fred Peverley 

('36-'38) is in the army and on last leave. Pvt . R.S.Keator, 12103303, Battery D, 1st. Bn., 
1st. Regt., F.A.R.T.C., Fort Bragg, N.C., is an officer candidate in the Artillery. 
Eliott Spafford states that Fred Baldwin is a Major and Radley-Walters a Captain in the same 
squadron as himself, the 27th. Can. Arm'd. Regt., C.A.O.. Hugh Mackenzie, Les. 
Tomlinson, Bill Shaughnessy, Gib Stairs are all in the 22"^^. Cnd. Armoured Regt., Can. 
Grenadier Guards. Signalman Sebag-Montef lore is attached to their regiment. 

Charlie Kenny's address is: R. 188555, No. 2 Detachment, R.C.A.F., Bell Lake, N.S. Charlie 
has had radio courses at Hamilton, Toronto and Clinton, Ont.. He met Leigh Ronalds at 
Goderich where the latter was flying. John Blackolck was taking the Radio Course at Hamil- 
ton. Jim Kenny has been overseas since last fall and is taking a course with the new Typhoon 
Fighter plane. Bob Kenny is also overseas and both are pilot officers. Stuart MacCallum 

('27-28) enlisted in 1939 but received an Honourable Discharge because of medical reasons. A 
letter just received from Leigh Ronalds informs us that he is at present at Camp Borden, on 
LAC in No 1, S.F.T.S. (A.T.U.). 

We regret to report the death of Richard Duffett ('34- '36) in a flying accident in U.S.A.. 
and the death of medical officer Flt./Lt. R.B. Duncan ('27-'33) who was killed in an air 
crash at Sydney, N.S.. 

Antoine Stern ('41- '43) after obtaining a 1st. Class junior matriculation last June, went to 
Harvard University. He has now joined up with the French Army in Africa. 

Lietu. And Mrs. C.C.Love spent the month of September in Lennoxville, the guests of Mr. and 
Mrs. W.Page. 

Major E. deL. Greenwood has been appointed second-in-command of the McGill C.O.T.C.. 
P/0 H.Frank Packard has bagged another German plane. He is an eligible member of the 
Caterpillar Club having been forced to bail out of his plane while on manoeuvres 6000 feet 
over England. 

Charles M. Williams ('38- '39) was promoted to First Lieutenant in July last. He was comm- 
issioned a second lieutenant in April in the C.A.C. (tanks) at Gordenhead, B.C.. He is now 
in England where he landed safely about the end of September. 

Philip Mackenzie ('35- '37) is an acting Captain in the Reinforcements Units of the Black 
Watch. Bill Doheny ('30- '38) is a Captain and Intelligence Officer. Both Doheny and Mac- 
kenzie are in H.Q. 5 Cnd. Inf. Bde . , C.A.O. commanded by Brig. G.V. Whitehead ('10-'14). 
Lt. Ned. Fisher ('37-'42) is now stationed at Stratford. Gnr. M. Fisher ('38-42) is at 
Petawawa: 043743, D Battery, A 1., C.A.T.C. S. Hunt ('41-'42) is in the Paratroops at 
Shile, Alberta. 

Wing-Commander H. deM. Molson ('18-'22) was appointed early in October O.C. at No. 8, 
S.F.T.S., Moncton, N.B.. 

Grant Hall "Happy" Day ('33-40) R.C.N.V.R., is with H.M.C.S. Sudbury. 
Garth Beckett ('33- '38) is in the engineering department of Vickers Aircraft. 
The following Old Boys were present over the Thanksgiving week-end: M.Fisher ('05- '09); G. 
Wiggett ('05- '09); g. Beckett; Stocky Day; Trevor Evans; Ted Sheppard; A. Finley; Hugh 
MacFarlane; Jack Davis; Jack Christie; Dave Landry; Les Davis; Lionel Walsh; Dick McMaster; 
Dave Lorimer; Bono Pitfield; Cortland Brown; J. R. Peck; George Huggett. 

Due to illness, the Bishop of Montreal was unable to be present to distribute the prizes. 
The place was ably taken by the last year's Head Prefect, Trevor Evans, who after presenting 
the prizes, gave a very fine and amusing speech. The Chairman, Mr. Jackson Dodds, had said 
how sorry he was that the Bishop could not be present. Evans, at the opening of his speech, 
asked his audience how he must have felt. Continuing, he said that for six years he had 
listened to guest speakers saying that they had never won prizes at school but that he did 
not believe them. He said that he was now in a position to believe them. Before concluding 
his speech, he remembered that one duty of a guest speaker was to ask for a half-holiday. 
This was granted. Good work, Trevor. We'll all be thinking of you when we're enjoying your 
ha If -holiday. 

The School Notes Section of the present Bulletin has been compiled by Mr. R.L.Evans to whom 
we offer our thanks. Thanks are due, too, to Miss Molony and Miss C. Speid, who has replaced 
Miss George, for valuable help. 

H.L.H. . 


It is mid-October and B.C.S's one hundred and seventh year has really 
started rolling. 23 boys took Matriculation exams at the end of last 
year, and of these 2 got their Senior and 17 their Junior Matrics. 
13 are now in the Services, 4 have gone to Universities, 3 have returned 
to England, 3 are working, and 5 came back to School to take their 
Senior Matric, not to mention 2 who returned to repeat their attempt at 
the Junior. In the places of those mentioned as having left, 33 new boys 
entered the Senior School and 15 the Prep, giving us an unusual total 
of 166. All houses and dormitories are full and even Dorm in the 
School House -part of the old sick-room- has been reopened. This of 
course means, plenty of Head boys - but let's take the Prefects first: 
Bill Price is Senior Prefect, and the Prefects are Aird, Fuller, 
Steventon, Hallward and Peter Satterhwaite . Head Boys: Jarrett, McBoyle, 
Struthers, Smith, Taylor (Doug) , Taylor (Bobby) , Flintoft, Tyler, 
Graham, Darling, Hooper, Mackay, Phelps, Dobell, Hodgson and Cadenhead. 

Bill Price is Football Captain. We won't give you the team line-up 
until next issue as it is still changing from time to time as coach 
Kenny Jackson shifts his men around. They lost an exhibition game to 
Sherbrooke High ten days ago on the Sherbrooke grounds, but returned to 
win 8-6 in a league game last Saturday as Bill Price booted a field goal 
in the last play of the game. Their last match was against the Old Boys 
in the traditional Thanksgiving Day game and the Old Boys battled their 
way to a 6-5 win. For once the Old Boys were in the pink of condition, 
for they were nearly all members of last year' s team and nearly all 
ordinary seamen, privates and AC2's. 

The Cadet Corps, which won the Stratcona Trophy again last year for 
the eighth time in succession, is again on the march towards another 
attempt to win it. The Cadet Major is Hooper, Lieutenant Price, Hallward 
and Hodgson, OMS Phelps, and Band Sergeant Jarrett. Lieutenant Fisher is 
still very much on the job and after only three parades the recruits are 
beginning to look like soldiers. 

"Doc" Roebuck, who came to teach Latin in the School after Mr. Love 
went into the RCNVR, has left us for a post at Dalhousie University and 
his quiet good humour is missed by everybody - we miss him as a keen 
coach of second crease football and Bantam hockey and of the track team, 
we miss the phenomenal sprints he could produce in a soccer game, and 
the imposing trails of smoke that followed his forced draught pipes as 
he went along a corridor. 

Mr. H.L.Christie also left us during the summer and is taking a 
course and doing a job at McGill, and living in Montreal. 

Of the rest of the Staff, Mr. Moffat is still Housemaster of Chapman 
House during Mr. Love's absence, and Mr. Patriquin of Williams House. 
Mr. Young and Mr. Hall are to be seen hurling themselves into the fray 
before 9 of a morning and trudging home many hours later with the 
conviction that III and IVB are as dumb as ever. Mr. Sauerbrei is back 
again as Chaplain, and Mr. Lowndes is once more putting his all into 
everything from the Lab to the Bugle Band. A new master, Mr. Buchanan, 
who has just finished a teacher's course at Bishop's, has just arrived, 
and Professor Langford of Bishop' s and George Christisen of the village 
are doing part-time teaching in the Upper School. Miss Molony, the 
Secretary Treasurer, still runs the office and keeps a close check on 
the press for Old Boys News. 

In his Thanksgiving Day Report Mr. Pattison emphasized the School's 
pride in the number of Old Boys who are on Active Service, and referred 
to the list of 361 names which now hangs in Centre Hall. Mr. Page 
presented his report for the Prep School, and paid special tribute to 
the work of Miss Reiner, the Matron, and of Mr. Glauser, a master who 
left last summer for a post in the University of Manitoba. Mr. Jackson 
Dodds took the Chair at the Prize-Giving, and the presentations were to 
have been made by the Right Reverend John Dixon, Bishop of Montreal. 
Unfortunately, however, he was taken ill and unable to visit the School, 
so the prizes were given out by 0/S Trevor Evans, last year's Head 
Prefect. He lowered all records by making a two-minute speech and ended 
by asking for the usual half holiday. 

Well, the colours of an Easter Townships autumn, which one always 
feels are brighter this year than they have ever been, are fading from 
the trees, and as Mr. Hall has his Old Boys Notes all ready we too must 
go to press R.L.E.